• B.K. Smith, Senior Pastor, Oaklands Chapel, Victoria, B.C., Canada

    Our church was blessed to host an elders retreat led by Gordon Zwirkoski. We are a church that is approaching out 100th Anniversary and as one of the elders stated, “I wish we had the kind of training Gordon offers 25 years ago.”

    Gordon's time with us was encouraging, informative, challenging, stretching, instructional and always Bible-saturated. As a Senior Pastor, I believe that as the elder team goes, so does the church. Our time with Gordon created a much deeper bond amongst our group. It also allowed us to place some teeth to action points as per his suggestions.

    Gordon's four-day weekend with us will stand as a “New Day” with Oaklands Chapel. I highly recommend Gordon for this training. His depth of experience, his passion for Jesus and the Church are easily seen in his training. Gordon was a breath of fresh air and I highly recommend this ministry.

  • senior pastor in Illinois

    I was greatly encouraged by our time together. Your case studies in particular are challenging and served to sharpen my thinking. You love the church and have a holy fear of the Lord so you do not fear men. Your life has strengthened me.

  • Deric Bartlett, Senior Pastor, City Centre Baptist Church, Ontario, Canada

    I have felt like a new man since our chat yesterday. I will prayerfully process your godly counsel. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. It excites me to think about how I can partner with you for the future of our leadership needs.

  • elder in Illinois

    Thank you for the hundreds of hours of tireless effort you have given to our church. Through the most difficult days you were a steadying source of strength, wisdom experience and encouragement. We thank God for you and Joyce and the privilege it is to serve with you.